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The Brazilian rural producer is a hero.This is a worker who takes pride in producing food efficiently while preserving the environment. An entrepreneur who is engaged in modern technologies with precision cultivation tools, where computers, GPS-guided machines, artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technological research are partnered with the talent to produce food.

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The outcome is a technological revolution that has made significant leaps in productivity, turning Brazil into one of the world's leading producers of grains, animal protein and a plethora of cultures and production chains.

This revolution in the Brazilian agricultural industry has taken place in a relatively short period of time, as is essential in Brazil's socioeconomic development. From the major to the small-scale producers, everyone has had a hand in this revolution that has transformed the country into the 3rd largest global supplier of food.

The next challenge for Brazilian rural entrepreneurs is to add increasingly more value to their production, diversifying the list of products to be exported, increasing the number of small and medium-sized companies that are prepared to enter the foreign market. And producers have counted on Agro.BR for this challenge - offering a world of opportunities for Brazilian rural entrepreneurs.

Brazilian Producer Brazilian Producer

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