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Based in Bauru (Sao Paulo), Jaguacy Brasil specializes in the production and sales of Avocados in Brazil. The company has been in the Avocado market for over 30 years and possesses more than 500 hectares of its own production. It's a pioneer in the field and specializes in the production and sales of Avocado in Brazil and abroad.

The Avocado is a variety of the Brazilian “abacate”. The HASS type, which is known as Avocado in Brazil, first appeared in California. Among some of the aspects that differentiate the Avocado from abacate, the Avocado boasts a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fibers.

Jaguacy Brasil produces Avocados for the Brazilian market from February to August. In the remaining months, it supplies the domestic market with imported fruit. In 2019, Jaguacy's total production reached 5,700 tons, with 80% of production exported to foreign markets and 20% intended for the Brazilian market. Jaguacy has been exporting to over 30 countries and currently supplies to 20 Brazilian states.

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Jaguacy Av. Dr. Gastão Vidigal, 1946 - CEAGESP
Vila Leopoldina
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