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Red Lychee

Red Lychee Agro-business The Olhos D'Agua farm has been family-run since 1955. Back then, the land was a dense capoeira (secondary vegetation) with a vast spring. Dozens of underground springs (olhos d'agua) lent their name to the site, and today form 3 lagoons. It is also a location with a significant volume of water.

Product We cultivate Bengal lychees that sport a natural pinkish-red color, and a brix that ranges from 18 to 22. They can grow upwards to 24g to 30g each. Lychees are an excellent source of vitamin C and are rich in iron, potassium, and calcium. We produce our lychees under high-quality standards throughout all processes.

Our output takes place once a year, usually at the beginning of November up to the end of January, and can sometimes be even longer. The lychee harvest may have subtle variations due to the climate. We are expecting a successful production of over 200 tons this.

Red Lychee
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Red Lychee Mateus Leme - Minas Gerais