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Cachaça Perí

The village of Peri Peri was founded by my great-grandfather, Manoel Simplício. When in 1919, he bought land in this region and settled with our family coming from a region near the city of Encanto. A hamlet called Brabo - Sítio do Brabo - in the geographic region of the Municipality of Pau dos Ferros. On this farm there was a small rustic alembic, where cachaça was produced. I remember visiting this place in the 1970s and seeing my uncle drinking cachaça out of a gourd made of coconut husks. That marked me.

Time has passed and three generations later the impetus for entrepreneurship arises again, through the production of this noble Brazilian distillate. This time my oldest son Artur and I got together to make the dream of producing a good cachaça come true. I have always worked as a doctor, but I have never stopped doing other different things, I have always been restless, and my mother's inheritance of dealing with agriculture has always spoken loudly in my life.

Cachaça Perí
Imagem - Cachaça Perí

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Cachaça Perí City: Macaíba
State: Rio Grande do Norte