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Vinícola Jabuticabal Eireli

In 1947, after the Second World War, Antônio Batista da Silva planted the first jabuticaba trees in Hidrolândia, Goiás. In which it later became known as the Jabuticabal Farm. In 1999, one of his sons, Paulo Antônio Silva, continued to perpetuate the tradition of planting jabuticaba trees, but he had the vision of producing jabuticaba derivatives, such as wine, liqueurs, brandy, etc.

Then, in this same year, with a partnership developed by the Federal University of Goiás, Vinícola Jabuticabal was born. Which became a reference in the production of fermented jabuticaba fruit, being the first winery in the country to produce this type of drink. In 2012, the winery started its rural tourism and wine tourism activities, becoming a reference in Goiás tourism, and together with Fazenda Jabuticabal, one of the largest producers of Jabuticaba in Brazil and in the world.

Vinícola Jabuticabal Eireli
Imagem - Vinícola Jabuticabal Eireli

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Vinícola Jabuticabal Eireli VINÍCOLA JABUTICABAL
City: Hidrolândia
State: Goiás